We have just opened a new store on Charing Cross Road, just a 2 minute walk away from Leicester Square Station (Exit 3, then turn right). The new shop has an extensive collection of cufflinks, jewellery including pearls, braces, ties and of course, waistcoats.

74 Charing Cross Road Front

The Address:

74 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0BB


Tel: 0207 836 6597

E-Mail: info@andytuly.co.uk

Our Union Jack Waistcoat is tailored in England with a Cotton front and Viscous Satin lining. Guaranteed to be the star of any Big Lunch!

Standard Sizes are available as well as Made to Measure from our shop.

WS  S  Union Jack

Mark went to several tailors around Jermyn Street in search of someone who can finish off his Afghan style waistcoat for a surprise birthday party for his mother. He was then referred to us by another shop and Ly did the best she could to tailor the waistcoat.

Mark had a lovely and intricate knitted pattern made by his mother for an afghan style waistcoat. This was carefully cut out and sewn onto a viscous lining, and care was taken to ensure that the stitching followed the lines of the waistcoat, whilst not overlapping the knitted fabric or exposing the white under layer. The edges were then hand stitched by Ly to ensure the best quality and durability such a piece deserves.


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We are pleased to note that the birthday party was a success!

We also wish to thank Mark for sharing a few pictures of his mum’s birthday party with us, and wish him every success in the future!